Wednesday, March 27, 2013

wednesday wants - back to basics

This week for my Wednesday Wants, I'm going back to basics.

As every girl knows, there are some essentials you always need in your closet.

Here are the list of those "classic" needs that I'm craving right now!

{Old Navy}

Old Navy isn't my favorite store, but when it comes to basic layering pieces, they are IT.

The price is definitely right on this Perfect Rib-Knit tank. It comes in tons and tons of colors, is extremely comfortable, and just perfect for layering all year long!


A black blazer is one of the greatest pieces a girl can own. Plus it's so easy to add it onto any outfit to fancy-it-up!

{J. Crew}

Black skinny jeans go with almost anything, and can give a more sophisticated look then your typical pair of regular jeans.

LBD. Need I say more? Every girl needs a little black dress in her closet, and this one is just adorable!


I may have a slight addiction to my chambray shirt, seeing as I wear it all the time. I have one in a darker color, but this light one needs to be mine ASAP.

There is nothing like having a few core basics that you can pair with fun different pieces to mix and match for amazing new looks!

What do YOU consider to be your basics?


  1. My basics are as follows:

    1. a pair of new blue jeans
    2. a pair of old blue jeans
    3. a black cardigan
    4. a ton of white V-neck t-shirts
    5. a couple of thermals
    6. shirts, ties, suits and black dress socks

    1. I replied to everyone else so figured it's only fair to reply to you cause I love you ;)

  2. Stunning blog!!
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    1. Absolutely! I use bloglovin, so I've just started following you there :)


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    1. Absolutely! I just started following you on Bloglovin :)

  4. I'm in desperate need of some basics. And I'm talking basic, layering tanks, stylish white T's, etc. Thanks for sharing your insights with the blogosphere! <3


    Jules of Canines & Couture

    1. You really never can have enough! I have way too many white tank tops, but really that Old Navy one is the most comfortable - I have in black and white!

  5. I am still hunting for the perfect black blazer!

    1. So true! I have a short one from Urban Outfitters that I love but it doesn't go with everything the way I want it to, you can never have enough :)

      I'm doing your What I Wore to Work link up tomorrow, and I'm really excited!!

  6. Black denim jeans are a necessity in the wardrobe if you ask me! They are perfect for dressing up any outfit. I bought mine almost four years ago and I'm still obsessed with them :)