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Monday, April 29, 2013

lions and tigers and bears - oh my!

WOW! What a great weekend! Definitely one for the books.

First, Friday was a laid back kind of night just watching TV, which is sometimes just necessary after a long week.

Saturday, Bryan and I relaxed and watched movies most of the day, but we also made an epic lunch of Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas and Wraps!

They were absolutely wonderful.

Later that night was my friend Julie's birthday party.

We spent time in Huntington, Long Island and had dinner at Porto Fino and drinks at Christopher's, both of which were absolutely wonderful!

While most of the group had what I heave heard were delicious cupcakes for dessert, Bryan and I, along three of our friends went to Ben and Jerry's for some ice cream, which was a perfectly delicious choice.

But the real highlight of the weekend was a trip to the Bronx Zoo on Sunday.

It's one of those places that as a New Yorker, I know is always there, but I don't take advantage of nearly enough.

It was just the perfect day, the weather was perfect, the group was perfect, and the zoo was perfect.

Definitely a weekend to remember, and a perfect kick off to the warm beautiful weekends to come.

And what did YOU do this weekend?

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

mint + mustaches

Sometimes, when the hectic daily grind can seem to be a lot, there's nothing like a relaxing weekend of not much that can make things feel just right. After a great night on Friday out with my friends Saturday and Sunday were much more low key. Saturday was spent relaxing in with my boyfriend and we (he) created the greatest little dinner time treat. We called them Buffalo Chicken Pockets.

There is something so simple and delicious about the combination of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, chicken, hot sause, and a fun array of cheese. It was really the perfect dinner for a Saturday night in.

Sunday was spent with my family as a celebration of my mother's birthday. Since I was just starting this blog, I wanted to show off my brand new Old Navy sweater. It's sporting polka dot and mint, both of which I'm very into right now. While hoping I would get the perfect "trendy" angle for a picture to feature my new frock, the best shot of the day is this:

Sometimes there's no better definition of "Sunday Funday" then an afternoon (into evening, my family likes to spend a lot of time together!) just spending some quality time with your loved ones. A number of things today have reminded me of how special and scared the bond of love is and while it may sound cheesy, John Lennon really did say it best.

All you need is love.