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Monday, April 1, 2013

easter weekend

While my family does not celebrate Easter, this was a great weekend spending this fun holiday with my boyfriend and his family!

Friday, Bryan and I dyed Easter eggs, which I haven't done in years. We had a lot of fun, and made some really cute designs.

After that we met up with our friends at Effin' Gruven in Bellmore, NY.

If you've never been and live in the area, I strongly suggest checking it out. They have an extremely diverse beer selection and just a great overall vibe!

Then for Easter Sunday, I joined Bryan's family for a vast and wonderful family dinner. This included lamb, ham, lots of veggies, lasagna, and sangria.

Did I mention that it was lots of sangria?

While Easter is not a holiday I've celebrated more than a handful of times in my life, I'd have to say this time was certainly extra fun!

And how did YOU spend this Easter weekend?


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