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Monday, March 25, 2013

low key weekend recap

In my opinion, there's nothing like a relaxing weekend that features the return of some long-lost friends!

Friday night was a night in with Bryan spent with a little pizza and channel flipping.

Low key and perfect.

Saturday was a little bit more productive. The day started off with a trip to Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Huntington. Which if you've never had it, is the greasiest but most glorious thing in the universe!

We then spent most of the day shopping around before going out to eat at Hurricane Grill and Wings in Syosset.
If you like wings, you HAVE to try this place.

I mean, you can even sample any of the sauces! My personal favorites are Mango Barbecue, Chipotle Raspberry, and Cyclone!

My beer choice that evening was called Leaf Pile. And while I found it to be extremely weird that a fall beer was available so close to April, I was more than happy to give it a go since fewer things make me happier than a glass of beer with cinnamon sugar on the rim.

Later in the night we went to Miller's Ale House, which is the usual hangout spot of choice for my group of friends. We had two of our out of town friends in for a visit and sometimes there's nothing to brighten your spirits like seeing some old friends.

Finally, Sunday was just another bum day with Bryan watching movies and eating snacks. Basically, a perfect lazy day is sometimes all you need.

It's always sad to see the weekend end, but it's back to the grind today. As always, I like to start my week in good spirits.
So I say to all of you: Happy Monday!


This is a Weekend Shenanigan link up with Samis Shenanigans!

Friday, March 22, 2013

new places and old faces

There are fewer things I enjoy more than trying new places and reuniting with old friends.

This week I had met up with my old friend Marissa, who've I've been consistently attempting (and failing) to hang out with since Hurricane Sandy.

We finally met up on Wednesday at a place called Thunder Jackson's on Bleecker Street in New York City.

This place had a fun dive-bar vibe that I really enjoyed, but what really stuck out to me were the fantastic deals.

Every day is happy hour from 11:30 - 7:00 with drink specials between $3 and $5 dollars. Wednesdays and Thursdays are Ladies' Night which brings additional $3 and $5 dollar specials through the end of the night.

In addition to that, there are incredible food specials to boot.

Basically, these are incredible prices for The Village.

I took advantage of Ladies' Night by indulging in the incredibly priced $3 glasses of sangria. I then had a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich for dinner.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches aren't the most difficult meal to make, but as far as they go this one was awesome!

For your side - definitely get the Filthy Fries, which have a little Cajun kick. No extra cost, but it is extra wonderful.

This blog isn't for restaurant reviews by any means, but I just enjoy sharing my interesting and fun experiences with the world.

With that said, have a great weekend.

And try something new!